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These premises are an integral part of this Cookie Policy.

Note: Visitors are advised that the best way to delete unwanted cookies is to properly set their browser. Contemporary browsers provide a range of cookie management options, including the capability to block third-party cookies. For specific instructions, Visitors should refer to their browser’s guide.


Cookie Policy


1. Introduction

This Site employs cookies and other related technologies. For convenience all these technologies will henceforth be referred to as “cookies”.
Third parties also deploy cookies to enhance the Site’s functionalities. This document informs Visitors about cookie usage on this Site.


2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files dispatched with the Site’s pages and stored on Visitors’ devices. The information gathered in these files can be sent back to the Site’s servers or to the servers of third parties during the next visit.


3. What are scripts?

Scripts are codes essential for the Site’s optimal functioning and interactive capabilities. They operate either on the servers of this Site or on the Visitors’ devices.


4. What is a web beacon?

A web beacon, or pixel tag, is a minuscule, imperceptible text or image on a site that is used to monitor a website’s traffic. To do this, various data about the Visitors are stored using web beacons.


5. Cookies

5.1 Technical or functional cookies

These cookies are essential for the Site’s functionality and to maintain Visitors’ settings. Functional cookies streamline the browsing experience, allowing Visitors to navigate the Site without having to repeatedly input the same information. These cookies enhance user ease and do not need Visitors’ explicit consent.

5.2 Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies are instrumental in optimizing the Site experience for the Visitors. They provide insights into usage patterns, aiding in Site improvements. Visitors’ consent is requested to place statistical cookies.

5.3 Marketing/tracking cookies

These cookies or other local storage forms are used to build user profiles for targeted advertising or to track Visitors across the Site and other websites for marketing purposes.

5.4 Social media

Content from Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social media platforms, embedded on the Site enable page promotion and sharing on these networks. This integration involves cookies that may be used for personalized advertising.

Visitors are advised to consult the privacy policies of these social networks, policies which may change regularly, for detailed information on how these social networks handle their data. The data obtained is anonymized to the extent possible. Facebook and Twitter are located in the United States.


6. Placed Cookies


7. Consent

When a Visitor initially accesses the Site, a popup with an explanation of cookies is displayed. As soon as the Visitor clicks on “Accept All” or “Save Preferences” consent is given to the use of cookies and plugins as detailed in the popup statement. Visitors may disable cookies via their browser but should note that this may impair the Site’s functionality, fully or partially.

7.1 Managing consent settings

Receiving a privacy signal from the Visitor’s browser triggers the Site to default to essential privacy settings. To enjoy full functionality, Visitors might consider excluding this Site from the privacy settings.


8. Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies

Visitors have the option to delete cookies either automatically or manually through their browser. They can also block specific cookies or adjust browser settings to receive notifications for new cookies. For more information on these options, Visitors are advised to consult the instructions in the Help section of their internet browser.

It’s important to understand that disabling cookies can affect the Site’s performance. If cookies are deleted, they will be reinstated upon giving consent when revisiting the Site.


9. Rights regarding personal data

Visitors have the following rights concerning their personal data:

  • Knowledge Right
    The right to know when their personal data is needed, what happens to it, and how long it will be kept.
  • Access Right
    The right to gain access to their personal data held by the Site.
  • Rectification Right
    The right to complete, correct, delete, or block their personal data whenever they wish.
  • Consent Withdrawal Right
    If Visitors give consent to process their data, they have the right to revoke this consent and to delete their personal data.
  • Data portability Right
    The right to transfer their data to a different controller.
  • Objection Right
    The right to object to the processing of their data. The manager of this Site will respect this choice, unless there are valid grounds for processing them.

For exercising these rights, Visitors are invited to contact the Site’s data manager using the details below.


10. Contact information

For questions and/or comments about the Cookie Policy and this statement, Visitors are invited to send an email to:

Sagacious Wonderer e.K.


Although email contact is always preferable, it is also possible to write to:

Sagacious Wonderer e.K.
Koppoldstr. 1
86551 Aichach

Referring to the site

Or call.

Telephone number: +49 015678 897006


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